Thursday, June 6, 2013

The road to Edinburgh

Thank you to everyone that donated to the indiegogo campaign!

We raised $1,131 USD from the campaign* + an additional $500 SGD.

That's $1,914 SGD in total from private donations!

With grant money from Singapore International Foundation we are up to $5,914 SGD. A small stepping stone towards our total budget of $24,000 SGD to make it through the summer of performances in Edinburgh for our small cast of 4 + a stage manager.

If you missed out on our able to donate a small sum of money towards our goal, we would really appreciate it! You can click on the Paypal Donate button below.

*Indiegogo will be charging 9% fee for not making our fundraising goal of $1500 so we could use some help!

Many Thanks to Naheed Choudhry, Heather Cheung, Anonymous, Nicholas Fox, Gabrielle Lansner, Anonymous, Patricia Lee, Zhiying Lu, Julia Simens, Paoley Tjia, Judy Rickatson, Anonymous, EMCJ Holk van Eysinga, William Hebert, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Anonymous, Kyla Barkin, Anonymous, Annette Rahbek Floystrup, Lyna Ward, Media Generation!

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