Thursday, February 28, 2013

Habitat Pictures from Around the World

I find other people's habitat extremely interesting because you really get to know someone just by visiting their home. From the decorations, household items, to the architecture of the home is all orchestrated by the inhabitant of that place. A few months ago, I had an open call for pictures of people's past or current habitat and these are a few of the pictures that were sent to me. These pictures will be used as a backdrop for Habitat.

If you would like to send me a picture of your past home or current living situation, feel free to email me at

Anastasia Ashman's Habitat

Cheilaugh Garvey's daughters' former Habitat

Maria Foley's Habitat

Rob Oandasan's Childhood Habitat

Laura's Solo performance at Cool New York 2013

The snowstorm dubbed "Nemo" did not stop Cool New York 2013 festival from happening. The Show must go on! With the impending storm, Laura went to tech/dress rehearsal before the storm. We were scheduled to perform Friday evening and Sunday evening, however, "Nemo" blanketed the East Coast with over 2 feet of snow (POWDAH!) and she only got to perform Habitat on Sunday to a FULL HOUSE!

The following video was taken during dress rehearsal. We'll be working on the solo in the coming months so its a bit more polished for the upcoming fringe festival in Edinburgh (more on that later on!). I love the lighting and mood of this solo - it fits Laura so well.


Laura had to alter the performance a bit due to the FULL HOUSE with people sitting on the floor in front of the pillars. But I'm sure she danced beautifully. (I wish more performances were livestreamed so global audiences can watch as well)

Habitat is shaping up really nicely - I have rehearsal this weekend with a dancer/teacher living in Singapore. I'll definitely share the rehearsal video in the coming weeks.